Why Invest With Us

This is why GREENPACIFIC CAPITAL  is the best option for you

GREENPACIFIC CAPITAL provides you with an alternative investment which is normally only offered to institutional investors. The investments are offered based on the same terms, security and covenants to our investors, as they would be to institutional investors. We allow our investors to invest from as little as $10,000 up to $250,000 per transaction.

Investors First

All investments are asset backed. The investment is based on a senior secured loan to the borrower where a cashflow stream has already been established.

Fixed Duration

The investor always knows the duration of the investment and can therefore plan long-term.

Fixed Return

All our investments carry a fixed return of 9% p.a. throughout the whole duration of the investment.

Quarterly Return

Our investors are paid on a quarterly basis and will be paid the fixed coupon of the investment together with a part of the principal. The reason for repaying a part of the principal during the duration of the loan is to de-risk any investments for the investor.

Experienced Originators and Managers

Our Originators who are experts in the shipping industry carefully select the investments to make sure that the investments are within our investment philosophy. The same teams of Originators are dedicated to monitor and manage the investment throughout the duration of the investment.